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Each cigarette contains smooth, all-natural U.S.A.-grown hemp that is tightly rolled into an all-natural hemp paper with a 100% biodegradable, plant-based filter tip.

Our products


Get ready to find your happy space, HempSSentials Original is the perfect smoke for your all-day, every day. Say hello to increased relaxation and feel your anxiety melt away. Aches and pains, be gone! This smoke is smooth and flavorful, and you’re going to feel it from the neck down, no intoxicated feeling here, just pure bliss. Equally appealing to ex-tobacco smokers and seasoned cannabis users.

Our products


Giddyup! Enjoy the benefits of CBD while experiencing the cooling sensation of HempSSentials Menthol. Goodbye harshness, hello invigorating mint flavor.

Our products

CBG Select

Need a redo to your day? HempSSentials CBG packs enough punch to get you over the obstacles life throws you. A mild and relaxing effect, but you’ll feel a little more bodyeffect with CBG than with CBD. Flavorful and aromatic, smooth on the throat, non-intoxicating, but you’ll feel a slight sense of mental clarity afterwards. Perfect pick-me-up during a knock-me-down kind of day.

CBD Benefits


Studies have shown that CBD is effective at treating mild to moderate forms of anxiety due to its calming effect and ability to reduce stress.


CBD has a stimulating effect that can provide you with an energy boost that doesn’t include a caffeine-like crash later on.


Whether its used just to calm your mind before bed or to treat full-blown insomnia, CBD has proven to be an excellent sleep aid.


Countless studies have proven CBD’s effectivenesss at treating pain. Through the endocannibinoid system, CBD can soften even the most chronic pain.

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