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HempSSentials™ was developed to provide traditional tobacco smokers with the flavour, scent, and ritual of smoking, but without the nicotine and tobacco. Our cigarettes contain smooth, all-natural U.S.A.-grown hemp with all of the benefits of CBD.

Quality Product & Certified Process

• Tobacco and Nicotine-Free
• All-natural hemp paper
• Premium high-grade hemp flower
• 100% biodegradable plant-based filter
• Hemp packaging
• Made in the U.S.A.
• Lab-tested
• Reviewed by a market-ready focus group
• Single supplier and manufacturer ensures consistent quality

Our Company


Premium Quality

Our “farm to table” (or rather “manufacturer to hemp paper”) approach ensures our product is superior because we have the ability to verify the quality and consistency of each ingredient.


Safer Alternative

Our hemp cigarettes maintain the user experience but contain no tobacco or nicotine content.



Our cigarettes contain smooth, all-natural U.S.A.-grown hemp. We use hand-selected hemp flower grown with natural cultivation practices and offer a biodegradable filter.

Invest in the Booming Cannabinoid Market

By 2025, the smokable hemp market is expected to reach $300 to $400 million. Now is the time to invest.

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