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Carefully curated hemp cigarettes that provide a truly pleasurable smoking experience.

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Want to know more about what an investment in HempSSentials™ looks like? This video explains it all—from product information to market statistics.

Booming Cannabinoid Market

By 2025, the smokable hemp market is expected to reach $300 to $400 million. The 2020 market reached approximately $70 – $80m. Now is the time to invest.

Our Products

Each cigarette contains smooth, all-natural U.S.A.-grown hemp that is tightly rolled into an all-natural hemp paper with a 100% biodegradable, plant-based filter tip.


Get ready to find your happy space, HempSSentials Original is the perfect smoke for your all-day, every day.


Giddyup! Enjoy the benefits of CBD while experiencing the cooling sensation of HempSSentials Menthol.

CBG Select

Get ready to find your happy space, HempSSentials Original is the perfect smoke for your all-day, every day.

A Safe, Convenient Tobacco,
Substitute with Added CBD Benefits

INVEST IN HempSSentials™

The hemp cigarette market is expected to reach $300 – $500 million by 2025 alone, offering an unrivalled opportunity. There has never been a better time to invest.

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Interested in carrying HempSSentials™ in your store? Every authorized retailer who stocks our product will receive in-store signage to help drive sales, as well as full access to our unparalleled customer support team.

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100% Natural


100% Pure

100% Pure

No pesticides

Lab Tested

CBD Benefits


Studies have shown that CBD is effective at treating mild to moderate forms of anxiety due to its calming effect and ability to reduce stress.


CBD has a stimulating effect that can provide you with an energy boost that doesn’t include a caffeine-like crash later on.


Whether its used just to calm your mind before bed or to treat full-blown insomnia, CBD has proven to be an excellent sleep aid.


Countless studies have proven CBD’s effectivenesss at treating pain. Through the endocannibinoid system, CBD can soften even the most chronic pain.